PRINCESS GARDEN snooker handicap league.

After a gap of some six months, snooker and billiards team league matches resumed this week. Mechanics, St Aubin and Tower have opened putting into place all the necessary precautions to comply with Jersey Sport and Government guidance.
When covid struck there only remained 3 matches to play, so it is hoped that the 2019-2020 season can now finish. Three teams whose clubs have not yet opened are playing their matches at First Tower.
Leaders when the league was interrupted, St Aubin Warriors, remain top by four points from second place Services Short Cue Wonders and five points from third place St Lawrence Miniature Rifle Club who still have two frames to play.

Vinchelez 5-3 St. Brelade Steelers
Fran Savarese (35) won against Gary Boschat (14)
Fran was a comfortable winner in both frames
Chris Stead (35) drew with Karl Le Fevre (-21)
With the help of his handicap, 56 start, Chris was a comfortable winner in the first, Karl played a lot better in the second to take the frame with a break of 42
Alastair Simon (14) drew with Steve Thomas (0)
Alastair won the first on the black with Steve being a comfortable winner in the second.
Phil Romeril (0) drew with Craig Jones (35)
Craig was a comfortable winner in the first, Phil winning the second on the pink.

Mechanics B 2-6 St. Thomas’ Tower
Bob Rondel (42) lost to Bob Denison (21)
Bob Rondel lost both on the black
Richard Corbett (42) won against Connor Davies (-28)
Richard having a 70 start in each frame was too much for Connor to claw back and ended being a comfortable winner in both.
Bob Proper (42) lost to Andrew Vibert (28)
Andrew played well and was a comfortable winner in both.
Richard de la Haye (21) lost to Herbie Bruggraber (28)
Herbie was a comfortable winner in both

Mechanics A 4-4 Tower Beans
Paul Bradbury (42) won against Stephen Rive (35).
Paul won both frames on the black, the first coming from behind to clinch it with a 22 clearance
Bob Salkeld (35) drew with Aubrey Rive (14)
Bob won the first on the black but Aubrey ran out a comfortable winner in the second.
Ernie Bird (42) lost to David Ferre (21)
Ernie lost the first on the pink, in the second Ernie found himself 30 points ahead with just 22 remaining but David managed to get the required snookers to win it on the black.
Jerry Le Brocq (35) drew with Andy Richardson (0)
Andy won the first and Jerry the second on the black

Tower Pocket Rockets 5-3 Services Short Cue Wonders
Daniel Cavey (0) won against Paul Destro (35)
Daniel a comfortable winner in both in the end, although the scores did not reflect it, Paul never found a rhythm and Daniel never looked in trouble
Nathan Piziura (7) drew with Ryan Swann (32)
Nathan a comfortable winner in the first, Ryan didn’t put up much of a fight as Nathan quickly overcame the handicap start of 25 and dominated the first frame.
Black Ball game in the second … loads of chances missed by both players but Ryan managed to pot the black to level the match. High scoring second frame but more through fouls and snookers then potting made for an interesting frame
Ryan Yates (14) drew with Lee Travers (7)
Ryan started well in the first, making a 36 straight from the break and dominated the first but couldn’t get going in the second as lee showed his quality.
James Martin (7) drew with Robbie Kilpatrick (-7)
Evenly matched players, both comfortably winning the frames they won. Both players showed real quality in racking up points quickly and the gaps were eventually too much for the other to recover from.
Fair result.

St Aubin Warriors 4-4 St Lawrence Miniature Rifle Club
Chris Blampied (7) won against David Proctor (7)
Chris was a comfortable winner in both
Byron Le Cornu (35) drew with Jordan Proctor (35)
Byron won the first on the pink with Jordan a comfortable winner in the second
Aaron Canavan (-63) drew with Martin Houguez (35)
Aaron in losing the first, made a 28 but was not able to take advantage at crucial times and the frame made more difficult when Martin got a couple of flukes towards the end of the frame, Aaron won the second on the pink after making breaks of 36 and 56.
Robert Le Moel (35) lost to Andre Bonjour (35)
Andre was a comfortable winner in both

Tower Pirates 2-6 Mechanics Snatchers
Ryan Shaw (-7) won against Matt Cox (-14)
Despite only having a 7 point start over Matt, Ryan was a comfortable winner in both
Stephen Morgan (0) lost to Gary Britton (-63)
Gary was in good form winning both with a break of 64 in the first and 87 in the second, limiting Stephen to scoring just 6 points over the two frames
Scott Le Noa (0) lost to Ross Symes (-35)
Ross won the first fairly comfortably but just won the second on the black.
Ben Garnier (42) lost to Jeremy Gogan (-7)
Jeremy won both on the pink

Gary Britton: 87, 64
Aaron Canavan: 56, 36, 28
Karl Le Fevre: 42
Ryan Yates: 36
Paul Bradbury: 22 clearance



ST. Aubin Misfits 17-10 Tower Royals
(5) Byron Le Cornu 209-101 Richard Le Noa (3)
(5) Richard de la Haye 218-93 Phil Smith (3)
(7) Robert Le Moel 234-112 Stephen Rive (4)

Services 14-19 Tower T’ree
(5) Robbie Kilpatrick 202-250 Howard Smith (6)
(4) Malcolm Malzard 201-253 Martyn Le Gallais (6)
(5) Paul Destro 173-278 Peter Robinson (7)
What is usual about this result is not only the fact that the scoring of each match was high, but that the total score of each match were very similar, 452,454 and 451 respectively

This weeks results sees Tower T’ree take over the lead by one point from St Aubin Misfits.

Peter Robinson: 35, 34, 31
Malcolm Malzard: 35
Howard Smith: 30
Robert Le Moel: 24, 23