Inter Insular Dates & Billiard Team format amendment

Hi All


The JBSA and GBSA had a meeting on Thursday 2nd February. The dates for all Inter Insular matches are as follow albeit times and venues to be confirmed:


Friday 21st April:            Individual Channel Island Snooker   approx  19:00pm  Venue and time to be confirmed

Saturday 22nd April:      Snooker Team Upton                            approx 13:00pm   Venue and time to be confirmed

Saturday 22nd April       Team Billiards GSY V JSY                    approx 18:30pm    North Social Club


Friday 28th April:          Individual Channel Island Billiards    approx  19:00pm  Venue and time to be confirmed

Saturday 29th April:      Team Snooker GSY V JSY                    approx 13:30pm    Venue and time to be confirmed


Due to 7th April weekend being Easter, 14th -15th April being to close to the conclusion of the end of the Guernsey Season and the 5th – 6th May being the Kings Coronation and the Billiards tournament that weekend in Jersey, it was agreed the above dates were the only ones available for the games to take place. We do understand that this may mean certain players might miss opportunities to play due to other commitments however both associations felt it was all that was viably available to us.


There has also been a change of format to the Team Billiards which are as follows:

  • 4 players per team (currently 5 players);
  • 4 tables in use (currently 2);
  • Each player plays each member of the opposing team (currently one match per player);
  • 45-minute time limit per match (currently 250-up).
  • 2 points per match win;
  • 1 point per side for a drawn match;
  • Points aggregate to decide the winning team in the event of an overall match tie
  • random draw for Rounds 1-3, with the final round of matches based on seedings (Rank 1 vs Rank 1, etc). Please note this one is subject to amendment.


Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Karl Le Fevre

Tournament Secretary