PRINCESS GARDEN snooker handicap league.

Congratulations to St Aubin Warriors for winning the snooker team handicap league.
Last match of the season St Aubin had a 4 point lead, needing to win just four frames at best to make sure of the title and at worst to avoid a heavy defeat and hope their closest rivals Services did not win their match by a big margin
St Aubin didn’t start too well, playing against Vinchelez they lost the first three frames.
Byron Le Cornu started the recovery by winning his second against Fran Savarese to make it 1-3. Next was Aaron Canavan playing against Stuart Simon, Aaron was giving 84 start in each frame and was made to work hard but eventually did manage to win his two frames to make 3-3, at this time a quick check was made to see how the other the teams were doing and learnt that Services were also drawing 3-3 so the title was safe.
Services Short Cue Wonders finishing as runners up.
All of this weeks results finishing 5-3 or 4-4
Later in the year than normal, but like all other sports, delays occurred due to Covid 19.
The snooker and billiards league should have finished in April and by now the new season would have already started.
The new season is now expected to start from Monday the 19th October.

Mechanics A 3-5 St. Brelade Steelers
Paul Bradbury (42) drew with Sean McDonald (-7)
Both players winning their respective frame on the black
Bob Salkeld (35) won against Gary Boschat (14)
Both frames won the black
Lloyd Letherbarrow (42) lost to Karl Le Fevre (-21)
Karl won the first with a 58 and a 42 in the second
Ernie Bird (42) lost to Craig Jones (35)

Mechanics B 3-5 Tower Pocket Rockets
Bob Rondel (42) won against Daniel Cavey (0)
Bob won the first on the black and a comfortable winner in the second.
Bob Proper (42) lost to Ryan Yates (14)
Ryan won the first on the pink and a comfortable winner in the second
Paul Bullock (35) lost to Nathan Piziura (7)
Nathan won both on the pink
Richard de la Haye (21) drew with James Martin (7)
both were comfortable winners in their respective frame win

St Aubin Warriors 4-4 Vinchelez
Chris Blampied (7) lost to Chris Stead (35)
Chris Blampied was totally outplayed in both frames
Byron Le Cornu (35) drew with Fran Savarese (35)
Byron lost the first on the pink, but a comfortable winner in the second
Aaron Canavan (-63) won against Stuart Simon (42)
Aaron was giving the maximum 84 start in each frame, giving such a start is always difficult to play catch up. Aaron did make a break of 27 but with the colours remaining Aaron needed two snookers in order to have a chance of winning the frame. Stuart managed to get out of several good snookers but did eventually make a couple of fouls and Aaron went on to win on the black with a 25 clearance. Second frame Aaron made a 37 and 29 and finally won it on the pink.
Robert Le Moel (35) drew with Alastair Simon (14)
In the first with one red left, Robert was well ahead but failed to get out of a snooker to concede twelve points in fouls, Alastair took advantage to close the gap but eventually lost it on the pink. In the second Alastair was a very comfortable winner, to end the evening all square at 4-4 for St Aubin to win the title

Tower Pirates 5-3 St Thomas’ Tower
Ryan Shaw (-7) drew with Bob Denison (21)
Ryan won the first on the pink with Bob a comfortable winner in the second.
Stephen Morgan (0) won against Connor Davies (-28)
Stephen was a comfortable winner in the first and won the second on the pink.
Stephen has won the frame winners league, winning 33 out of 44. losing just twice during the whole season
Scott Le Noa (0) lost to Herbie Bruggraber (28)
Herbie was a comfortable winner in the second
Ben Garnier (42) won against John Baudains (42)
Ben won the first on the black and a comfortable winner in the second

Tower Beans 5-3 Mechanics Warriors
Andy Richardson (0) drew with Gary Britton (-63)
Andy was a comfortable winner in the first, Gary won the second with a break of 55
David Ferre (21) lost to Jeremy Gogan (-7)
Both frames won fairly comfortably with Jeremy making a 28
Aubrey Rive (14) won against Matt Cox (-14)
Aubrey was a comfortable winner in both
Stephen Rive (35) won against Ross Symes (-35)
Stephen with the help of a 70 start in each was a comfortable winner in both, despite Ross making a 30 in the first

St Lawrence Miniature Rifle Club 4-4 Services Short Cue Wonders
Jordan Proctor (35) lost to Ryan Swann (32)
Ryan was a comfortable winner in both making a 32 in the second and finished second in the frame winners league, winning 30 out of 44
David Proctor (7) won against Robbie Kilpatrick (-7)
David won the first on the pink when Robbie failed to get a snooker on the last two colours and was a comfortable winner in the second.
Martin Houguez (35) drew with Lee Travers (7)
The second frame was totally dominated by snookers to the point where it was estimated that each player gave away something like 40 points in fouls, with 22 points left on the table Martin was 22 behind but courtesy of a snooker and potting a good long blue he had a chance to win the frame on the pink but missed the pot allowing Lee to win the frame on the black, a very long frame.
Andre Bonjour (35) drew with Paul Destro (35)
Both comfortable winners in their respective frame win
This result confirmed Services as runners up with St Lawrence in third, one point behind.

Karl Le Fevre: 58, 42
Gary Britton: 55
Aaron Canavan: 37, 29, 27, 25 clearance
Ryan Swann: 32
Ross Symes: 30
Jeremy Gogan: 28


Tower T’ree 17-18 Tower Royals
(5) Howard Smith 216-211 Aubrey Rive (9)
(6) Martyn Le Gallais 270-127 Stephen Rive (5)
(6) Peter Robinson 244-148 Bob Denison (4)

Services 16-17 St Aubin Misfits
(6) Robbie Kilpatrick 266-149 Byron Le Cornu (3)
(4) Malcolm Malzard 186-257 Richard de la Haye (6)
(6) Paul Destro 184-264 Robert Le Moel (8)

Richard de la Haye: 50
Aubrey Rive: 28, 20
Paul Destro: 25
Robert Le Moel: 24, 22, 21
Robbie Kilpatrick: 24
Tower T’ree have won the league by one point from St Aubin Misfits