Jersey Billiards & Snooker Association have a new sponsor for this year. The Snooker team handicap league and the second division individual snooker league will be sponsored by PRINCESS GARDEN of Halkett Place.

There is no first division individual snooker league due to lack of entries.

First week of the season got underway with the defending champions Tower Beans losing their first match 5-3 at home. The same result they started with at the beginning of last season. Will history repeat itself?

St Thomas’ Tower who started last season losing their first three matches, got off to the best possible start in defeating St Lawrence Miniature Rifle Club 6-2 for the best result of the week.

A slight adjustment to the handicap was made for this season. It was agreed no player should give more than 84 start in order to avoid players being able to win a frame by potting just 2 or 3 balls. This will apply mainly for Aaron Canavan and Gary Britton.

St Brelade Steelers  4-4 Tower Pocket Rockets

Gary Boschat (14) drew with Daniel Cavey (0)
Sean McDonald (-7) drew with James Martin (7)
Karl Le Fevre (-21) drew with Nathan Piziura (7)
Steve Thomas (0) drew with Ryan Yates (14)

St Brelade Steelers & Tower Pocket Rockets got their new snooker season off to an amicable 4-4 draw with all 4 matches ending in 1-1

Gary Boschat & Dan Cavey got the match underway and both players looked a bit rusty missing chances that they would ordinarily have snapped up.

Sean McDonald and James Martin copied this trend in sharing their two frames. Both players had had chances to win 2-0, but a draw was about the right result.

Karl Le Fevre looked as though he was going to blow Nathan Piziura away as he blitzed the first frame in 15 minutes with a host of breaks in the high teens. However, Piziura played excellently in the second frame to win it on the pink.

Steve Thomas put St Brelade in front 4-3 by winning the seventh frame in superb style. He knocked in a 34 break straight from the off and followed this up with a 23 to dominate this frame.

However, Ryan Yates dug deep in the final frame and outplayed Thomas to ensure that the match financed in a 4-4 draw.

Mechanics A  4-4 St Aubin Warriors

Bob Salkeld (35) won against Byron Le Cornu (42)
Bob Salkeld won the first frame on the black after Byron made a foul on the black.
Lloyd Letherbarrow (42) drew with Aaron Canavan (-63)
Lloyd won the first despite Aaron making a 42, Aaron won the second on the pink with the help of a 38
Ernie Bird (42) lost to Chris Blampied (14)
Jerry Le Brocq (35) drew with Robert Le Moel (35) in the first frame Robert found himself needing a snooker with just the colours remaining. This he achieved in obtaining on several occasions to claw his way back into the frame and eventually won it on the black.

Mechanics B  4-4 Tower Pirates

Bob Rondel (42) won against Tony Le Poidevin (-7) giving a 49 start to Bob was too much for Tony to catch up, Bob was a comfortable winner in the first but only won the second on the pink.
Bob Proper (42) lost to Stephen Morgan (7) Steve played well to win both frames, winning the first with a fine 44 for the highest break of the week.
Sam Duncan (42) drew with Stephen Wilson (28) Sam lost the first on the black but was a comfortable winner in the second with the help of a 28
Richard Corbett (42) drew with Ben Garnier(42) Richard was a comfortable winner in the first.

Vinchelez  5-3 Mechanics Snatchers

Fran Savarese (28) drew with Richard de la Haye (21) both comfortable winners in their respective frame win
Chris Stead (35) won against Gary Britton (-63) This fixture last season would have meant Gary having to give 98 start, despite the handicap being capped at 84, Gary was not able to get close to winning.
Stuart Simon (42) won against Guy Heys (0) Stuart was a comfortable winner in both
Alastair Simon (14) lost to Ross Symes (-35) Ross won both on the black making a 35 in the second.      

St Thomas’ Tower  6-2 St Lawrence Miniature Rifle Club

Bob Denison (21) drew with Jordan Proctor (35) Bob won the second on the black
Connor Davies (-14) won against David Proctor (7) Connor back after an absence of about 6 years was a comfortable winner in the first making a 36 and just managed to win the second on the black.
Andrew Vibert (28) won against Andre Bonjour (25)
Andrew won the second on the black. John Baudains (42) drew with Pat Patterson (21) John lost the first on the black 

Tower Beans  3-5 Services Short Cue Wonders
John Mahoney (35) won against Carl Donkin (14) John was a comfortable winner in both
Aubrey Rive (14) drew with Ryan Swan (42) both players comfortable winners in their respective frame win
Andy Richardson (-7) lost to Robbie Kilpatrick (0) although Andy was only giving away a 7 point start, Robbie outplayed him and was a comfortable winner in both frames.
Stephen Rive (35) lost to Paul Destro (35) Paul won the first on the black and second on the pink.

Aaron Canavan: 42, 38
Connor Davies: 36
Ross Symes: 35
Steve Thomas: 34, 23
Sam Duncan: 28  


Lee Travers  2-1 Herbie Bruggraber
Ben Garnier 2-1 Bob Rondel
Nathan Piziura 1-2 David Proctor
Peter Robinson  2-1 Stephen Morgan

Lee Travers: 29


Tower Royals  15-15 St Aubin Misfits

(5) Phil Smith 130-177 Byron Le Cornu (5)
(4) Bob Denison 169-197 Richard de la Haye (5)
(6) Richard Le Noa 170-158 Robert Le Moel (5)     

Tower T’ree  14-13 Services

(6) Peter Robinson 242-132 Paul Destro (4)
(3) Daniel Cavey 138-203 Malcolm Malzard (4)
(5) Howard Smith 166-265 Robbie Kilpatrick (5)       

Malcolm Malzard: 45
Richard de la Haye: 35
Peter Robinson: 25
Richard Le Noa: 20