Le Fevre wins Byfleet

At the First Tower Institute on Sunday 16th April, Karl Le Fevre played Ryan Swann in the final of the Byfleet Snooker tournament 2023.

Giving Ryan a 42 start per frame, Karl got off to a good start with an early 21 break however Ryan found his feet and replied with several breaks in the teens to keep the pressure up on Karl. With Karl not at his best by losing position when in the reds and not executing his safety shots well, Ryan took full advantage and eventually wrapped up the frame 80 – 36.

The second frame started with Karl again getting a 20+ break and with a few reds left had nearly caught up Ryan. However Ryan potted the last few reds and with the colours left led 61 – 53. However an opportunity for Karl on the yellow which he potted and cleared the colours for a 27 break to take the frame 70-61 and take the final to a decider.

In the third frame again Ryan got off to a good start by scoring a few points. However a missed effort on a red let Karl in and now starting to get his eye in scored a 69 break, missing the third from last red. Ryan again potted a red and colour but then after another miss Karl eventually took the frame 97-72 meaning he won the Byfleet for the second time, exactly 25 years from his first win.

Thanks once again to Martyn Le Gallais for reffing and First Tower Institute for hosting the match.