Guernsey : Canavan, Billiards and Upton

The Island Billiards Team, The Upton Snooker Team and Aaron Canavan all have matches in Guernsey this weekend.


On Friday night, 21st April, Aaron plays the CI Individual Final match against Guernsey Champion Adam Shorto. The game starts at 19:30 at the North Social Club.


Saturday afternoon @ 14:00 and its the Upton Team who are playing Guernsey. This too is at the North Social Club and the team is as follows:


Gary Boschat (Captain)

Ryan Swann

Dave Proctor

Jordan Proctor


And finally on the Saturday evening @ 19:00, again at the North Social Club, the Jersey Billiards Team will take on Guernsey in the Inter Insular. Team is as follows:

Martyn Le Gallais (Captain)

Peter Allen

Peter Robinson

Malcolm Malzard


Please join me in wishing all contestants good luck. If your in Guernsey please come and support the boys!!!