Tower Sharks win the Team Knockout

The final of the Team Knockout was played on Tuesday 16th April at the Jersey Mechanics between Tower Sharks and St Lawrence MRC


The first match was between Clive De Sousa (+7)and Jordan Proctor (+21) with Clive coming in victorious by 145 points to 88.


With a deficit of 57 points Martin Houguez (+28) made a rare appearance for St Lawrence and played Nathan Silvester (+21), this years Byfleet runner up. Martin ran out winner by 145 points to a 100 to close their deficit after 4 frames to just 12 points.


Next up was Alan Cook (+35) against Pat Patterson (+28). Alan eventually came out the winner by 132 points to Pat’s 79.


With Tower Sharks now having an overall lead of 65, Dave Proctor had the tough task of closing the gap against Andy Richardson. With both players playing off + 7 handicaps, Dave edged out Andy by 94 points to 90, meaning Tower Sharks won the match by 467 points to 406 points.


Congratulations to Tower Sharks on their win in their maiden season as a team.