PRINCESS GARDEN snooker handicap league.

First time this season we have 3 home teams winning 7-1.
Last weeks conquerors of the first white wash of the season, Mechanics A came back down to earth this week as they were themselves close to being on the receiving end of one, losing 7-1 to Tower Pocket Rockets, Lloyd Letherbarrow being the only player to win a frame against Ryan Yates
Mechanics B who were last week beaten 8-0 were close to a second white wash away at St Aubin, Bob Proper avoiding it by winning a black ball frame against Chris Blampied.
Third team to win 7-1 were Mechanics Snatchers against St Thomas’ Tower, Tower avoided the whitewash thanks to Connor Davies winning the second frame against Ross Symes with a fine break of 94, narrowly missing out on a possible century break.

St. Brelade Steelers 3-5 Services Short Cue Wonders
Gary Boschat (14) drew with Curt Tindall (21)   Curt won the first on the pink when Gary failed to get a required snooker, Gary winning the second on the black
Steve Thomas (0) drew with Robbie Kilpatrick (-7)   both comfortable winners in their respective frame win.
Sean McDonald (-7) lost to Lee Travers (7)    Lee won the first with a 44 break and won the second on the black
Karl Le Fevre (-21) drew with Ryan Swann (32)     Karl won the first with breaks of 41 and 30 with Ryan a comfortable winner in the second.
This win keeps Services top of the league by one point from St Aubin Warriors

St. Lawrence Miniature Rifle Club 3-5 Tower Beans
David Proctor (7) drew with John Mahoney (35)     both comfortable winners in their respective frame win.
Jordan Proctor (35) lost to Aubrey Rive (14)    Aubrey winning both on the pink, for just his second win
Martin Houguez (35) drew with David Ferre (21)   David winning the first on the black and Martin a comfortable winner in the second.
Pat Patterson (21) drew with Andy Richardson (0)   Both comfortable winners in their respective frame win

Mechanics Snatchers 7-1 St Thomas’ Tower
Gary Britton (-63) won against Bob Denison (21)   Gary was giving away 84 in each frame, won the first with a break of 33 and a 100 clearance with Bob failing to pot a ball.
In the second Bob did manage to score five points but Gary won with breaks of 30, 33, 38, eventually winning 113/89
Ross Symes (-35) drew with Connor Davies (-28)   Ross won the first on the black with Connor winning the second with a break of 94
Guy Heys (7) won against John Baudains (42)   Guy did just enough to win on the last few colours of each frame for his third win in a row
Jeremy Gogan (-7) won against Howard Smith (28)   Jeremy was a fairly comfortable winner in both

Tower Pirates 3-3 Vinchelez (to be completed)
Stephen Morgan (0) won against Fran Savarese (35)   Stephen won the first on the pink and the second on the black to remain top of the frame winners league
Stephen Wilson (28) drew with Alastair Simon (14)   Stephen was a very comfortable winner in the first, Alastair got his game together winning the second on pink after Stephen failed to get a required snooker.
Ben Garnier (42) lost to Phil Romeril (0)   Phil was giving away 42 start in each frame and was in top form for the two frame win, not only his third win of the season but inflicting Ben’s third loss in a row and at the same time getting his first back to back win since October 2018

St Aubin Warriors 7-1 Mechanics B
Robert Le Moel (35) won against Bob Rondel (42)   Robert was a comfortable winner in the first and looked set to do the same in the second when towards the end of the frame gave away a few fouls to give Bob an opportunity but managed to cross the winning line with a good pink and black.
Chris Blampied (7) drew with Bob Proper (42)   Bob did well to win the first on the black, Chris made a 23 and was leading by 15 points with just the last 4 colours remaining, needing just one ball for Bob to need snookers, but failed to take his opportunities, Chris redeemed himself in the second and ended being a comfortable winner.
Byron Le Cornu (35) won against Sam Duncan (42)   Byron was a comfortable winner in both
Aaron Canavan (-63) won against Richard Corbett (42)   Aaron was giving 84 start in each frame which is always a difficult task, as you have to be at your best and avoid giving the opponent too many chances. Fortunately for Aaron, Richard did not have many opportunities and won the first with mini breaks of 32, 30 and a 31 clearance to win on the black.
Richard scoring just 8 points.
Second followed a similar pattern with Aaron making mini breaks of 24, 32 and a 33 clearance, this time Richard scoring just 2 points.
A good win for St Aubin having lost their two previous matches 5-3.

Tower Pocket Rockets 7-1 Mechanics A
Peter Robinson (7) won against Paul Bradbury (42)  
Strong match play by Peter in the first, playing his second reserve match for the home team , as he scored well when he could, consistent double figure breaks and scored a lot from tidy snookers and applied pressure with good safety play. Second frame was a black ball game after Peter came from a long way behind to win 2-0
Daniel Cavey (0) won against Ernie Bird (42)  
Daniel having breaks of 25 & 37 in the first frame, he won it without being troubled as Ernie only scored 10 points over and above his 42 point start.
Second black ball game of the night, Daniel cleared the colours from brown to black to come from behind and win 2-0
Ryan Yates (14) drew with Lloyd Letherbarrow (42)  
Ryan made a 28 in the first to cancel out the handicap but Lloyd then couldn’t miss and although the scores were tight, Lloyd always seemed in control of the frame. In the second Ryan potted well and scored colours consistently and won a third black ball game of the night to share the frames 1–1.
Nathan Piziura (7) won against Phil Papworth (28)  
Nathan was never really troubled and ran out a comfortable winner, consistently scoring double figures and taking colours with reds to take the first. In the second Nathan had breaks of 32 & 28 at back to back visits and Phil who was under pressure at that point potted well but was having to try and force things which never really worked out and left Nathan plenty of scoring opportunities for a comfortable 2-0 win.

Gary Britton: 100 clearance, 38, 33, 33, 30
Connor Davies: 94
Lee Travers: 44
Karl Le Fevre: 41, 30
Daniel Cavey: 37, 25
Aaron Canavan, 33 clearance, 31 clearance, 32, 32, 30, 24
Nathan Piziura: 32, 28
Ryan Yates: 28
Chris Blampied: 23


Peter Robinson 2-1 Andre Bonjour
Lee Travers 3-0 Ryan Yates
Nathan Piziura 2-1 Bob Rondel

HIGH BREAKS: None reported


Tower Royals 15-15 St Aubin Misfits
(5) Phil Smith 128-201 Byron Le Cornu (6)
(6) Bob Denison 200-139 Robert Le Moel (4)
(4) Aubrey Rive 122-225 Richard de la Haye (5)

Tower T’ree 14-15 Services
(4) Peter Robinson 181-241 Malcolm Malzard (5)
(4) Martyn Le Gallais 210-190 Robbie Kilpatrick (4)
(6) Howard Smith 223-180 Paul Destro (6)

Peter Robinson: 28
Malcolm Malzard: 25
Byron Le Cornu: 24, 22