Jersey Masters Qualifiers

The Inaugural Jersey Masters snooker event will commence during late August and early September 2023. It will be played off 2022/23 handicaps. All matches will be played on the Tuesday evenings prior to the league starting. The draw will take place in the next few weeks.

The qualifiers for this event have been finalised and they are as follows:


How Qualified
1 Aaron Canavan Island Champion Joint 15th in Averages
2 Karl Le Fevre Island Runner Up Byfleet Winner Joint 2nd in Averages
3 Ryan Swann Byfleet Runner Up Joint 9th in Averages
4 Gary Boschat Winner of Averages
5 Jordan Proctor Joint 2nd in Averages
6 Robbie Kilpatrick Joint 2nd in Averages
7 Steve Wilson Joint 5th in Averages
8 Sean MacDonald Joint 5th in Averages
9 Lee Travers Joint 5th in Averages
10 Ben Garnier 8th in Averages
11 Aide Tredant Joint 9th in Averages
12 Bob Denison Joint 9th in Averages
13 Scott Le Noa Joint 12th in Averages
14 Chris Blampied Joint 12th in Averages
15 Martyn Le Gallais Joint 12th in Averages
16 Bob Rondel Joint 15th in Averages


Please advise if you dont wish to play and i will include the next player/s from the averages.